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From 2012-21, Stanford Wise Ventures served as an internal consultant, catalyst, and partner in advancing inclusive academic cultures for greater equity in science, engineering, and mathematics fields across the Stanford community. With Stanford's Long-Range Planning process, and its IDEAL strategy emerging, with many more organizations on campus beginning more fully to develop resources to support more diverse, inclusive, and equitable academic cultures, Wise Ventures' faculty-facing work has now been folded into the primary activities of the Office of Faculty Development, Diversity, and Engagement, and its other initiatives have concluded.

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On Wednesday, March 10, 2021 the Stanford Faculty Women's Forum hosted a panel discussion, "Faculty Salary Equity and Transparency." Link to more information on this topic, and a videorecording of the event.
"COVID-19 presents distinct challenges to differently situated faculty members, calling attention to and potentially widening individual and institutional equity gaps." - Leslie Gonzales and Kimberly Griffin