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Faculty and Staff Networks

Gabilan Fellows

Gabilan Fellows are faculty in engineering and science fields whose research has been deemed worthy of recognition and support by a special fund set up in support of advancing faculty excellence in these fields. In 2013, regular meetings of these fellows also serve to establish a network among them.

Women Engineering Faculty

Women faculty in Stanford's School of Engineering have often met through an informal peer and mentoring network, supported by the Dean of Engineering.

Faculty Women's Forum (FWF)

The FWF acts to enable all women faculty to thrive. Participation Is open to all faculty members, regardless of gender identity, and the FWF seeks to engage in inclusive practices that recognize the intersectional identities of all faculty members. Supported through the Office of Faculty Development, the FWF provides opportunities for faculty participation from across the University to discuss shared interests, concerns, ideas, and to engage in action promoting greater faculty equity, inclusion, and success.


Stanford Women In Technology (WIT)

Sponsored by the CIO-Council, Stanford Women in Technology (Stanford WIT) is a university-wide program aims to increase representation of women and non-binary staff in technical roles and in the talent and leadership pipeline at Stanford. It also aims to equip participants with the skills and competencies needed to ensure they are prepared for their next roles. Through networking, workshops, mentoring, and more, the group helps foster a supportive, productive, and inclusive work environment where all people feel valued and respected.

A Critical Mass

A Critical Mass encompasses WISE Ventures initiatives designed to address the interests of, and make it easier to build community among, women and men of color in STEM and their advocates and allies at Stanford. 

Stanford Advancing Gender Equity (SAGE) Network

The SAGE Network provides a connection for the leaders of all interested women- and/or gender-related initiatives, projects, and organizations at Stanford to share information, plans, and explore potential collaborations. A Stanford email list (SAGE-network) supports communications among these individuals.